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Blogger Appreciation Giveaway - Nespresso Edition

Blogger Appreciation Giveaway - Nespresso Edition

Aug, 01 2014

From Jenn Campus - the FBR co-founder: I so excited to kick off our first Blogger Appreciation Giveaway with a product line that has become very near and dear to our hearts!

As some of you already know our family has strong Italian roots, Roberto is from Italy and his family is still all over there. We were recently there to bring our daughter Alba to visit family and I got very much into my morning cappuccino routine.

My father-in-law is a former barista and so he and I had a great time trying all the different café’s (called "bar" in Italy) in the area we were staying and rating our morning “cappuccio” (Italian short-hand for cappuccino).

When we came back to the States, I was really missing my morning ritual, so after a ton of research, including visiting a boutique while we were in Italy, we decided to get ourselves a Nespresso machine!

I can tell you we have never had a moment’s of remorse. Nespresso makes an amazing line of coffee machines and their coffees are some of the best this family has ever tasted. There is a huge variety of blends from all over the world. Some make the perfect espresso, others are great for making coffee drinks, like my beloved cappuccino, lattes and more! There are so many to choose from and half of the fun is tasting them all to find your own personal favorites!

Since this is my very favorite kitchen appliance these days, I really wanted to kick off our Blogger Appreciation Giveaway by gifting one of our members with a Nespresso Machine!!!

Promote Each Other Giveaway

Promote Each Other Giveaway

Aug, 01 2014

In order to work more on our partnership together, we are asking bloggers to promote us on their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media outlets. We want other bloggers to find us and join in on the fun! You can simply make a Facebook status or a Twitter post about us or write a little line at the end of a blog post that directs people to our programs and us. Use the #foodieblogroll tag, then report your activity to us here on the Giveaway page and we’ll pick a blogger every week to be featured on our widget for a week. 

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