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  • Cioccolatini fatti in casa

    Posted On 04/23/2014 08:36 AM

    In una giornata uggiosa, piovosa e con tutte le carte in regola per diventare substrato forte per una mente che facilmente scivola in una dimensione un po’ triste, il mio salvagente, la mia stella polare che mai mi abbandona, mi ha raccolta, mi ha p[...]


  • Cupcakes Raffaello

    Posted On 04/23/2014 07:06 AM

      A volte le mie ispirazioni in cucina vengono da foto e/o ricette viste in rete o giornli, altre volte da quello che ho nella pantry o da quello che voglio mangiare, questa volta, sara’ perche’ era Pasqua, mi sono venuti alla mente i cioccolattini a[...]


  • Chicken Pecan Mexican Rice Salad

    Posted On 04/23/2014 07:00 AM

    Chicken Pecan Mexican Rice Salad Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 0 min | Total time: 15 min Ingredients 4 cups cooked brown rice blend 2 cups diced cooked chicken breast 3/4 cup Fisher Nuts Chopped Pecans 1 small bag sugar snap peas/span> 1/2[...]



    Posted On 04/23/2014 07:00 AM

    This is my guest post for Asiya Omar akka ....a wonderful blogger with lots of traditional authentic recipes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights.Check here for my guest post INGREDIENTS :Mutton       - [...]


  • In Which One’s Tea Break is a Blueberry Bonanza…

    Posted On 04/23/2014 05:55 AM

    If there is one fruit I can’t really get enough of, it’s blueberries.  Yes, I know it sounds very strange considering how I was born and raised in a country famous for its glorious abundance of such tropical treasures as mangoes, pineapple, an[...]


  • Ulundu Sadham ( Black gram daal rice) : A quick lunch box option

    Posted On 04/23/2014 05:51 AM

    "Oh look at that giant bug! hahahahaa! April Fool! ""Look, Loooook, what is that?" hahahaha! April Fool!"" Looooooook, a giant... monster ( animal/ bug/person).. hahahah! April Fool" chants Little S in a sing-song voice.He loves April Fools and refuses to[...]


  • Award-Winning Pecan Pie...Allegedly

    Posted On 04/23/2014 05:27 AM

    I wish I had a better story for how I developed this great pecan pie recipe, besides that I adapted it from one I saw in a Food & Wine article, which according to some guy I don’t remember, may have won a prize in the Texas State Fair. Like I said, th[...]


  • {WWDH} potato, basil, and goat’s cheese tarts

    Posted On 04/23/2014 04:58 AM

    Actually, as Donna wrote it, it’s supposed to be rosemary on the tarts, but since I am not a big fan I subbed in basil. Which was a good thing since my goat cheese is harb and garlic, specifically, basil. How can you go wrong with doubling up on a g[...]


  • Night & Day

    Posted On 04/23/2014 03:58 AM

    This morning I dropped the kids off at school and then ran home to clean up the breakfast dishes… and then three hours later I was STILL home, still picking up all of the random crap scattered all over our … Continue reading →[...]


  • Green Tea Diaries - Oh What's in My Cup

    Posted On 04/23/2014 03:56 AM

    My favorite green tea in my favorite tea thermos, both from ChinaI like to start morning off with a cup of green tea.For years that tea was blended by Gypsy Zen Tea, a California company known for its creative blending of teas and other natural ingredient[...]


  • Lychee Rose Jelly Bowl - Jelly #2

    Posted On 04/23/2014 03:00 AM

    I made this jelly on impulse because I saw some nice sweet lychees being sold and beetroot is in the fridge.No artificial flavours and colours used and as you all know..  I love natural pigments.I used 1tsp Mermaid brand (AAA grade) and my family liked th[...]


  • Berry Skewers with a Coconut Lime Yogurt Dip

    Posted On 04/23/2014 02:33 AM

    This was a fun and simple after school snack that I threw together today. The kids love fruit skewers and I thought it would be fun to make a dip for them. I grabbed a Greek coconut yogurt and a Key Lime Pie yogurt and mixed them together for a tasty dip [...]


  • Snails anyone?!

    Posted On 04/23/2014 02:08 AM

    So, after our surprise ultrasound I suddenly realized that David and I were both there and both knew what the gender was for our sweet baby.  That meant no gender reveal!  Boo!  (Though David was probably glad about that...he didn't want to[...]


  • Lolo & Wren

    Posted On 04/22/2014 10:48 PM

    April 20, 2014We had a very quiet Easter weekend lined up, so we were ready to go when Eliza tweeted us a tip: breakfast at Lolo & Wren in  Brunswick West. It was a place we'd both heard of, but not one that we'd really paid any attention to, fai[...]


  • The Wonder Bean!

    Posted On 04/22/2014 10:31 PM

    THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF PURE GREEN COFFEE In today’s society of high levels of obesity, tea and coffee have become a reliable way losing weight healthily. Pure green coffee has become a popular weight loss supplement which offers fast results. It is a nat[...]



  • Missing Miss Martha...

    Posted On 04/22/2014 08:46 PM

    Today was an emotional day for our youngest.  We posed a question to him a week ago.  Would he be willing to give up one broody chicken to a good home?  One of our cub scout's grandmother has a father who is 90 who wants to breed his rooste[...]


  • Missing Miss Martha...

    Posted On 04/22/2014 08:46 PM

    Today was an emotional day for our youngest.  We posed a question to him a week ago.  Would he be willing to give up one broody chicken to a good home?  One of our cub scout's grandmother has a father who is 90 who wants to breed his rooste[...]


  • Keep On Ramen In The Free World

    Posted On 04/22/2014 08:39 PM

    The container of bones, a more or less permanent denizen of the fridge, was particularly full recently; I had grilled a couple of chickens on a lovely afternoon when some friends came over and there were also two beef bones from a decadent ribeye dinner [...]


  • Chicken with 34 cloves of garlic

    Posted On 04/22/2014 08:33 PM

    ... well, it was three heads and I wasn't prepared to start another head to get to the more traditional forty cloves!This isn't quite the same as the other recipes I have seen, it's a hybrid of several with a bit of extra me. My input was the addition of [...]


  • Avocado Quesadillas Recipe

    Posted On 04/22/2014 07:49 PM

    Our Easter week-end was quiet. We were invited to visit my parents in Quebec but my husband was working and two of my kids were studying for their exams. We will get together, next week-end, for my son's birthday. We will probably spend the afternoon [...]


  • Drinks and Snacks on my 'Spring' Kitchen Table

    Posted On 04/22/2014 07:15 PM

    Spring has definitely sprung now, after a beautiful sunny Easter weekend in Scotland, there can be now doubt about that.  I'm afraid I don't have any lovely outdoors photos for you, although I did spend a couple of hours in the sun on Saturday, shift[...]


  • Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland’s 22nd annual culinary extravaganza

    Posted On 04/22/2014 06:20 PM

    My May pick for a culinary charity event is Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland’s 22nd annual culinary extravaganza. Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland enable homebound seniors and disabled individuals to eat “well” and remain in their own homes. It is[...]


  • Starbucks Coffee introduces newest drinks this Summer!

    Posted On 04/22/2014 05:58 PM

    The temperature outside has been rising at such lightning speed! Almost everyday, we would complain of how hot it is outside and to cool down, all the more I start craving for ice cream, shakes and I've been entertaining thoughts of going for a nice r[...]



  • WWDH - Potato, Rosemary and Goats Cheese Tarts

    Posted On 04/22/2014 05:30 PM

    For Wednesday with Donna Hay this week, Kayte has chosen Potato, Rosemary and Goat's Cheese Tarts from p158 of Modern Classics I. These are little puff pastry rectangles topped with slices of boiled potato, dollops of goats cheese and sprinkled with rosem[...]


  • Taking a Break

    Posted On 04/22/2014 05:07 PM

    Sometimes things just pile up in life and you need to take a break-- so I did!How can you miss me if I don't go away? This year is flying by and I am catching up with my trip planning. I started to offer more weeklong programs this year and the planning i[...]


  • Homemade Strawberries Jam without Pectin

    Posted On 04/22/2014 05:07 PM

    Hey, it's Spring, with the abundance of cheap strawberries on sale, what are you going to do with it?  You can make strawberry jam that last through the summer!  I used to spend a ton on organic... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website [...]


  • A Delicious Blueberry Cake for Two ( Can be Doubled or Tripled as well)

    Posted On 04/22/2014 04:16 PM

    This dessert for two is packed with a terrific blueberry flavor!  The recipe can be doubled or tripled without any problem at all and still be mixed and ready for the oven in 10 minutes To Read More,Click On The Recipe TitleBeing the blueberry lover [...]


  • 84 Hours in Flanders – something to read on the plane

    Posted On 04/22/2014 03:35 PM

    In those days when the printed word is struggling, I am happy to report that there is a new Belgian Beer and Food Magazine available in English, with issue # 2 out soon. It might even come to a seat pocket near you, as Brussels Airlines offers it on their[...]


  • White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut-Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cherries

    Posted On 04/22/2014 03:09 PM

    At some point last year, I was talking with my mom on the phone on a day when I was trying to decide what kind of cookies to bake. Her first suggestion was White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Cookies. I ended up not making them at the time, but I did stop t[...]


  • Honey Dijon Pasta Salad

    Posted On 04/22/2014 02:37 PM

    Honey Dijon Pasta SaladLeftovers from the weekly Sunday roast dinner often provide sliced roast beef, ham or turkey to serve for lunch or even a quick dinner on a busy Monday at our house. Mondays... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website fo[...]




  • Garden Tuesday; In The Garden

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:45 PM

    Surprise! Again! Are you beginning to think that I don’t know my days of the week? I posted on Saturday rather than Sunday and today I’m posting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Get use to it! Not the Saturday posts. I just did that because of Easter. But[...]


  • Mother's Day Giveaway - Win $130 PayPal Cash (WW) #PamperAMom

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:43 PM

    The nicest gifts that I received on Mother's Day are from my children. They bring back some many memories when I look at them. They know that I collect Pandora charms. It is always fun to open the little box to see what charm they bought me for my bra[...]


  • 2014 Lunches #138-151 Take It Tuesday

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:30 PM

     #138-140Roasted Turkey breastCucumberPeppersKiwiDressingGluten Free Skillet Cookie (non Gluten Free one here)#141- 143Mini pretzel dogs (store bought)Carrot coinsKiwiDressingMustard#144-146I'm sorry for the extra crazy blurry shot. Sigh... I only to[...]


  • Cinnamon Banana Bread with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:30 PM

    My youngest child LOVES bananas and so we always have a bunch or 12 in the kitchen. Sometimes, actually rather frequently, I end up with a few that are starting to get dark and soft before he eats them. So, I freeze them for smoothies, use them in pudding[...]



  • Ham, Egg, and Swiss Cheese Baked Bread Boats

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:04 PM

    Meals don’t get a whole lot easier than the one I’m going to share with you today. They don’t come much tastier than this either. Goodness knows we all need something fast and fabulous from time to time. Mercifully, it’s a quick an[...]


  • Pickled Rhubarb and a Couscous Salad

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:00 PM

    -It was too pretty to Instagram since I had light and wasn't cooking in the middle of the night.-We seem to a be a nation that has no problem pickling anything. We pickle eggs and that seems strange and terrifying until you try one. We pickle asparagu[...]


  • Let's Play School Nenuco Doll Review

    Posted On 04/22/2014 01:00 PM

    We're no strangers to the Famosa family here at Give Peas A Chance. I've hosted parties for/with them for both Nenuco dolls and PinyPon, we've done a PinyPon review, and the children have purchased PinyPon with their own money. Needless to say this compan[...]



    Posted On 04/22/2014 12:00 PM

    Here's an upcoming event for a very worthy group. The $50 per ticket will not only get you some yummy food from places like Clementine and Bosphorous Bistro, you'll also assisting I Am O'Kah with empowering youth toward economic independence.I Am O’Kah!’s[...]


  • Torta Pasqualina

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:54 AM

    Easter Egg PieEaster is all about celebrating spring and new life and the return of light and colour to the world after the bleakness and chill of a long dark winter. With four days off it's celebrated in a proper way, with time to make plans and do stuff[...]


  • Chinese Leftover Roast Pork Noodles

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:47 AM

    Firstly sorry I've not been around much this past week, I've been struggling the past few weeks with a dodgy hip among other things so I've not been cooking very much and making very good friends with the sofa! We also went away for Easter for a few days [...]


  • 11 Most Popular Greek Mezes and Side Dishes

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:40 AM

     One of the joys of eating in Greece is to sit at a table spread with a variety of mezes and side dishes. They are an integral part of Greek cuisine and there are countless regional variations. We have put together here the 11 most popular recipes on[...]


  • Paris

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:38 AM

    This is about to happen: See you soon, Eiffel Tower![...]


  • Alan Richman: Montreal's Best New Restaurants - GQ Magazine

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:08 AM

    GQ MagazineAlan Richman: Montreal's Best New RestaurantsGQ MagazineThe best of the new restaurants I tried when I went to Montreal not long ago weren't upscale at all. Unfussy is now absolutely acceptable. Yet as relaxed as Maison Publique and Vin[...]


  • Crochet Eyelet Apron Pattern

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:00 AM

    this post, Crochet Eyelet Apron Pattern first appeared on Im Topsy Turvy Hello Topsy Turvy readers! It’s Lindsay again with another simple, yet fun crochet pattern! Last month, we started out working on the basic single crochet stitch to make the Sa[...]


  • {GF} Four Cheese Ravioli & Meatballs

    Posted On 04/22/2014 11:00 AM

    With my parents overseas now and settling back into my kitchen, it was time to get my mojo back. For the past few months while my parents were visiting, we were spoiled with dinners waiting for us after work and an overabundance of leftovers wherever ther[...]