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  • Cafe Nemo Worli…a flavoursome prelaunch dinner

    Posted On 07/31/2014 07:58 AM

    I normally avoid restaurant launch reviews because one ends up eating more than one should, I hate travelling in Mumbai and the experience in previews is not typical of a regular customer experience. Last night I went to review the soon to be launched Ca[...]


  • Cocktail Time: Blue Margarita

    Posted On 07/31/2014 07:14 AM

     When talking about cocktail what do you think about? For me, Margarita is the first name that comes to my mind. Sweet citrus fragrance cocktail with tangy taste and and saltiness from salt (on the rim of the glass) make everything balance, it's[...]


  • Thursday Sips & Nibbles

    Posted On 07/31/2014 07:00 AM

    I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I highlight some interesting wine and food items that are upcoming. **********************************************************1) Gordon Wilcox, CEO of Wilcox H[...]


  • Recipe : Green Mango Salsa & Bean Dip for Nachos (Vegan)

    Posted On 07/31/2014 06:13 AM

    There are some wonderful varieties of nachos and other corn or multigrain type chips available in India these days which are not as salty as the ones that were initially available and much healthier than potato chips.Most of the additional calories comes [...]


  • Kurtos Kalacs: A Homemade Version

    Posted On 07/31/2014 04:54 AM

    First time I heard about kurtos kalacs is as KBB's latest challenge. I'm dared, and so I bake. I thought it was just like butter puff pastry and baked coiled around a certain mold such as creamed horn baking mold shaped like a trumpet. But, it's apparentl[...]



  • Rainy Day Fun

    Posted On 07/31/2014 03:11 AM

    We woke up to rain this today, which is pretty awesome. It drizzled through noon, but then tonight was so amazing and (relatively) cool that we were able to go on a walk and play at the park without dying. … Continue reading →[...]


  • Nivagrya

    Posted On 07/31/2014 03:00 AM



  • Chinese Beef with Broccoli (Page 448)

    Posted On 07/31/2014 02:59 AM

    RECIPE #51Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 -- 7pmLocation: East Lansing, MIKitchen: Our HouseBook: Gourmet TodayDining Companion: MattyRecipe Rating: BTruth be told, I made this recipe over a year and a half ago, and the last year and a half haven't been [...]


  • Heirloom Tomato Greek Salad

    Posted On 07/31/2014 02:55 AM

    I had quite a few smaller heirloom tomatoes so I decided to make a salad by adding some cucumber, onion, feta, and kalamata olives to the tomatoes then tossed them with some of my leftover Fran’s Vinaigrette. I let the salad sit for 20 minutes to le[...]


  • Onboard Singapore Airlines (Singapore - Hong Kong - Singapore)

    Posted On 07/31/2014 02:07 AM

    As the saying goes: "When it rains, it pours!"The week that went by was quite hectic but it is truly one that I'll never forget. After all, how often will I ever have the opportunity to travel to 2 different countries in the span of a week? [...]


  • German Chocolate COOKIES!

    Posted On 07/31/2014 01:21 AM

    Do you ever find the frosting to cake ratio to be a little low on the frosting side when eating German Chocolate Cake?Do you ever find yourself eating the coconut pecan frosting with a spoon straight from the pan?Do you ever find that your pants won't but[...]


  • Honeyed beer and barley stew

    Posted On 07/31/2014 12:09 AM

    Sometimes a blog post does not come easily.  So let me just tell you how it is.  I am drinking Camomile Honey and Vanilla Tea as I look for words to begin and thinking how much I love honey.  Sourdough bread is in the oven.  Fresh brea[...]


  • Blue Moon Cafe is looking for Line Cooks

    Posted On 07/30/2014 09:41 PM

    Calling all Line Cooks The Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point (and soon to open location in Federal Hill) is looking for Line Cooks.   credit: Blue Moon CafeSarah Simington's restaurant Blue Moon... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website fo[...]


  • O Canada!

    Posted On 07/30/2014 09:24 PM

    When we first visited Canada as tourists many years ago, we saw "poutine" as one of the myriad offerings in the Food Court of a neighbourhood shopping mall. Curious, we shared an order between the two of us and weren't overly impressed by the combination [...]


  • Kale, Mushroom & Tomato Saute with Polenta

    Posted On 07/30/2014 08:24 PM

    Simple weeknight meals are something that I'm always on the lookout for.  After all, it's way too easy to get in a routine of making the same old things every week (I'm totally guilty of this!).  This meal from Whole Foods Market is a great exam[...]


  • Kale, Mushroom & Tomato Saute with Polenta

    Posted On 07/30/2014 08:24 PM

    Simple weeknight meals are something that I'm always on the lookout for.  After all, it's way too easy to get in a routine of making the same old things every week (I'm totally guilty of this!).  This meal from Whole Foods Market is a great exam[...]



  • Recipe: Watermelon Salad

    Posted On 07/30/2014 07:33 PM

    Ulah Bistro’s Watermelon Salad is perfectly refreshing for summer. Try it at home.Read more » [...]


  • Baby shoe lemon cupcakes

    Posted On 07/30/2014 07:00 PM

      Michelle is going on maternity leave, so to bid her adieu for now, I made her some lemon cupcakes with fondant baby shoes on top.The lemon cupcake recipe and lemon buttercream is from The Primrose Bakery, and can  be found online her[...]


  • Lip Smackin’ Slow Cooker Sloppy Joe Recipe

    Posted On 07/30/2014 06:37 PM

    There are quite a few American traditions but one goes without saying, the Sloppy Joe Sandwich.  The history behind this sandwich is so diverse […] The post Lip Smackin’ Slow Cooker Sloppy Joe Recipe appeared first on So Good Blog.[...]


  • Kulfi Molds - Black and White Wednesday

    Posted On 07/30/2014 03:57 PM

    What is it about dessert molds?  Be they for charlottes, savarins, madeleines, bundts, or chocolates, their angles and curves are not merely enhancements for the delectables they shape, but are design elements unto themselves.These aluminum kulfi mol[...]



  • 10 Slow Cooker Clean out the Pantry Meals

    Posted On 07/30/2014 03:38 PM

    Sometimes the very best meals are the ones thrown together at the very last minute. I love slow cooking because it allows me to play in the kitchen. I love opening the fridge and dumping last night's vegetables into the cooker with some spices and seasoni[...]



    Posted On 07/30/2014 03:00 PM

    - Tight Little Packets -This picture was submitted to "Black & White Wednesday", an event created by Susan at "The Well-Seasoned Cook". This week it is hosted by Aparna  AT "Stories from the Mahe Coast" (click here in order to see who i[...]



  • Raw Peanut Butter Cocoa Maple Squares

    Posted On 07/30/2014 02:57 PM

    I am now a convert to raw treats, especially when the sweetness comes from natural ingredients rather than refined sugars that produce a processed high. I'm all for purity, even when it comes to decadence. Being summer here, although not a particularly wa[...]


  • Inn at the Black Olive: A place where everyone knows your name

    Posted On 07/30/2014 02:18 PM

    Jack Dwyer, Woody Harrelson, Dimitris Spiliadis, David Blaine, Chrissa CarlsonWelcome to Baltimore’s Inn at the Black Olive, a green hotel with luxury suites and two restaurants that embrace farm-to-table, organic and the raw food movement. With the [...]



  • Uncommon Goods Cold Brew Gift Set Review

    Posted On 07/30/2014 01:41 PM

    If it’s summertime, then you can bet I’m down with drinking cold brew iced coffee. Ok, most anytime of the year I’m down with drinking cold brew. That being the case, I know firsthand that it can be a pricey habit to indulge in if you let others brew for [...]


  • Posted On 07/30/2014 12:25 PM

    Yesterday, The Washington Post published some interesting charts of alcohol consumption by state:Maryland is decidedly average on all counts - beer consumption, wine consumptions, spirits consumption and binge drinking. Average isn't really news but what [...]


  • Roy's Eat Creative Media Dinner

    Posted On 07/30/2014 12:00 PM

    It's no secret that Mr Minx and I are big fans of Roy's and have been semi-regular patrons of the Baltimore branch since it opened 13 years ago. And while we're very happy to pay for our food at Roy's, it's even more fun to go when the food is on the hous[...]


  • better than coal?

    Posted On 07/30/2014 11:36 AM

    Some people think pig tails are just a hair style for little girls. I guess those people weren't raised in a farming family with a grandpa with a peculiar sense of humor.read more words![...]


  • Harry Potter Snitch Cake Tutorial

    Posted On 07/30/2014 11:30 AM

    this post, Harry Potter Snitch Cake Tutorial first appeared on Im Topsy Turvy My girlfriend, Kaylynn’s, birthday is tomorrow, the 31st.  It is also Harry Potter’s birthday, and she loves the Harry Potter books so she’s having a Harry Pot[...]


  • The Great American Veg Out

    Posted On 07/30/2014 11:00 AM

    By: The Food Hunter The Great American Veg Out was the creation of Chef Stephen Jones from Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails in Phoenix. Seven Chefs & Seven Mixologists from around the valley came together this past weekend to share their love for[...]


  • My Mumbai restaurant picks

    Posted On 07/30/2014 10:56 AM

    The India Today magazine had recently asked me to name two of my favourite restaurants in Mumbai. This made me realise that I’ve never done a Mumbai restaurant list post on the blog. I’ve stayed away from lists because I prefer writing stories. I feel [...]


  • Cameron Bharat Tea Plantations and Cameron Valley Tea House

    Posted On 07/30/2014 10:21 AM

    Waking up to fresh cold air, dressing up pretty and wearing a warm smile on my face. Everything was exceptionally beautiful in my eyes that morning.With flat and empty tummy, we were keen to have an abundance of breakfast delights at the Uncle Chow Kopiti[...]



  • Polpo piastrato in insalata

    Posted On 07/30/2014 09:01 AM

    Anche se il clima non è certo dei migliori e più che in estate sembra di essere già in autunno, in realtà agosto è dietro l’angolo. E vogliamo per caso nel mese piiù estivo dell’estate non mangiare un bel piattino di pesce? Non so voi, ma io a[...]


  • Summertime: Thai inspired Zucchini Mango Salad

    Posted On 07/30/2014 08:31 AM

    It’s officially here! Summer vacation is just around the corner and all three of us are looking forward to two and half weeks of lazy days, without routine, sun soaking, refreshing hikes, stylish city tours, good food and just quality time for each other.[...]


  • Backyard Mint Ice Cream

    Posted On 07/30/2014 08:30 AM

    Guys, this is big news. And by big, I mean actually utterly unimportant to anyone but me.  If you have read my blog for any length of time, you may be … Read More[...]


  • East Elevation VI

    Posted On 07/30/2014 07:50 AM

    July 6, 2014We landed back home to a weekend with our trusted cat-sitter Carol and my visiting mum (they're sisters, you see). Mostly we hung out at home, and I cooked up a big pot of soup. The forecast was good on Sunday, so we reacquainted ourselves wit[...]


  • Green Peas Idli

    Posted On 07/30/2014 07:39 AM

    Recently  when we went to a restaurant i noticed chilli idly as the days special item. out of curiosity i ordered it. even the person who took the order said me, that its newly introduced and i should try it for sure! I thought it will do for me, so [...]


  • Peanut Butter PayDay Cookies

    Posted On 07/30/2014 07:00 AM

    Peanut Butter PayDay Cookies Prep time: 10 min | Cook time: 10 min | Total time: 20min Ingredients 1 stick unsalted butter, softened 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed 1 large egg 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1/2 cup c[...]


  • Corn Quiche Recipe | Crustless Cheesy Corn Quiche Recipe

    Posted On 07/30/2014 06:37 AM

    Crustless Sweet Corn Quiche, a complete wholesome meal with step by Step pictures. Quiche is an open faced pastry made either with a crust or without it, that has a savory filling with a custard which is mostly egg based. You can make either a meat based [...]


  • Made In India: Mercedes goes emotional in new ad - Economic Times

    Posted On 07/30/2014 06:32 AM

    Economic TimesMade In India: Mercedes goes emotional in new adEconomic TimesLuxury car ads must never speak of lowly things like, say, mileage. Ask "kitna deti hai?" and the liveried chauffeur will give you the boot. Now, take one step further i[...]


  • Receta de Pfannkuchen - Tarta-tortita al horno con frambuesas

    Posted On 07/30/2014 06:07 AM

    ¿Pero qué ha pasado con el mes de julio?La verdad es que lo he tenido tan movidito que no sé si se me ha pasado volando o se me ha hecho largo, pero no tenía previsto dejar tantos días sin publicar nada por aquí. El verano me agota y cuando cae por fin la[...]


  • {WWDH} Mixed Mushroom Risotto and a missed Veggie Laksa!

    Posted On 07/30/2014 05:50 AM

    This week’s pick, from Kayte, is a mixed mushroom risotto. I love risotto and always look forward to making different ones so when Kayte chose this one I jumped in enthusiastically. What we have is a lovely seasoned risotto with dried porcini mushro[...]


  • In Which We Have a Savoury Way of Poaching Eggs…

    Posted On 07/30/2014 05:34 AM

    Longtime readers of this blog are aware that I am a major fan of poached eggs.  I mean, seriously: not even the classic aji-tamago (mollet-boiled eggs) used for classic bowls of ramen can come close to the thrill of biting into an egg poached in broth [...]