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I'm a chef in Los Angeles; mostly I write recipes. Generally I write about food. It's always irreverent.

Country: United States

Author: 3teas

Added: Dec 03, 2009

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86 the Fish

I bleed heavy cream.

Country: Not Specified

Author: 86thefish

Added: Nov 23, 2008

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A Cooks Life

A blog following the life of a cook in the Oil Sands of Northern Alberta Canada

Country: Canada

Author: kcbowie

Added: Feb 24, 2010

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Welcome to aficionado! Virtual home to a 20-something female bookworm & occasionally cranky, curious cat who love learning about all things food.

Country: Australia

Author: aficionado-x

Added: Jun 19, 2008

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Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef

I'm a 20-yr-old from Hackney in London's East End, currently working as a chef de partie at Comerç 24, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. My blog tells you about my background, my college studies and work experience, as well as about food, market

Country: Not Specified

Author: aidanbrooks

Added: Nov 14, 2008

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Ajay's Writings on the Wall is a lifestyle blog focusing mainly on food and travel. Content includes restaurant reviews, recipes and food-related happenings in Manila and Asia


Author: annalyn

Added: Jul 15, 2011

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Andrea's Gluten Free Kitchen (The Holistic Chef)

Creations from my kitchen that include organic ingredients and usually gluten and dairy free. I love to experiment with new recipes and share my failures and successes. Also keep up with news and events having to do with holistic health, gluten free foo

Country: Not Specified

Author: theholisticchef

Added: Aug 19, 2014

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Apprentice Chef Banaena

Apprentice chef who have found peace in the routine

Country: Malaysia

Author: Banaena

Added: Nov 03, 2009

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ArtEpicure is a blog that chronicles classical, modern and postmodern cooking and cuisine. Each week we bring to the table a dialogue that focuses on the history, science, philosophy and application of the culinary arts and gastronomy in general.

Country: Not Specified

Author: artepicure

Added: Feb 06, 2009

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Bee My Chef

Anécdotas de vida asociadas a las más variadas recetas de cocina para volver a acercarnos al placer de cocinar y compartir.

Country: Argentina

Author: paudecaro

Added: May 19, 2010

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Sharing raw, juicy, unfiltered stories from my culinary world. Behgopa is not another one of the (billion) recipe based blogs. There is always a memorable story to be told with food, at least for me there is, - the food I eat, cook, want to eat or cook...


Author: behgopa

Added: May 22, 2014

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Big Food Small World

Two chefs with wanderlust

Country: Not Specified

Author: bigfoodsmallworld

Added: Mar 05, 2009

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Bindaas Chef

Cooking is an art that began early at home for me. The mystery lies in the fact every state of India and even every home have their own recipes. It is a long and exciting journey to discover them all.The flavors are deep and amazing and magic of spices r


Author: poulami_sen

Added: Jul 30, 2012

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Brazilian Flair in the USA

We created Brazilian Flair in the USA as a way to share the things in life we believe and love through two different cultures. A celebration of what inspires, excites, and motivates us everyday.


Author: brazilianflair_25

Added: Jul 22, 2014

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Cafe Vita

Recipes that contain fresh ingredients, always emphasizing the importance of both flavor AND texture.


Author: sherryscafevita

Added: Apr 27, 2013

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Join Chef Greg Martin as he explores new food, wine and urban farming


Author: houstontxgreg

Added: Aug 18, 2011

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Capital Spice

Just a couple of food geeks living in Washington, DC. We talk about food, obsessively shop for food and chant for “Foodie magazine day!” when our mailbox is graced with another edition of food porn. Naturally we decided it was time to share our peculiarit


Author: CapitalSpice

Added: Mar 31, 2011

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Celebrity Chef Recipes

Receips from Celebrity chefs shared using videos and photos


Author: CasserolesDiva

Added: Feb 27, 2011

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Chef and Sommelier

I am a father of three and hold a day job in the financial industry. I love wine & dine and spend my free time experimenting new recipes and wine pairing while my Mrs loves to bake. Our dream is to set up our own restaurant and/or wine shop to pursue our

Country: Singapore

Author: ChefandSommelier

Added: Jul 11, 2012

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Chef Confidential

Healthy, low calorie/fat/cholesterol easy recipes & absolutely delicious from Chefrodite's Haven ;o) Let your palate go on a journey of delicious discovery through various parts of the world with the peace of mind that this trip will keep you healthy &


Author: chefrodites_haven

Added: May 13, 2012

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Chef Hazard-Dangerously Delicious

Chef Hazard is a recipe blog that I started so that I could share some of my favorite recipes with the world. I have been a pastry chef for 6 years and have been formulating my own recipes for as long as I can remember. I try to give my recipe instruction


Author: chefhazard

Added: Nov 30, 2011

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Chef It Yourself

The most important thing I want you to take away from visiting my blog, is that delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated and isn’t exclusive to Cordon Bleu graduates. WE can do it. YOU will have fun doing it. LET’S do it together. Cookingly you

Country: United States

Author: chefityourself

Added: Aug 30, 2011

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Here is a BLOG about what I hav seen, what I have worked over and what I have learned. And here I am to share the same. So that even u can experinence the amazing world of food. All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone; to show that


Author: mrugankdesai8

Added: Nov 26, 2013

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Chef Naaz - The Mistress of Spices!

Hi! This blog is created for the 'Chef in me' to be inspired to cook and to inspire others to cook! So lets gear up with all our kitchen weapons and get going! Happy Cooking! :

Country: India

Author: Mehnaz

Added: Dec 08, 2010

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Writer blogging about retraining as a chef, and other culinary adventures.

Country: Not Specified

Author: chefsandwich

Added: Feb 26, 2009

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